I.T. strategies

helP-MI.com is available to share technological planning expertise through a joint research and evaluation of the suppliers of mission-critical systems and services.

By coordinating with selected analysts, it defines security policies and internal and external users profiling criteria to protect the enterprise systems. It establishes control methods and tools in cooperation with chosen system integrators, monitoring the performance of secondary suppliers.

Thanks to a know-how achieved working with leader companies, helP-MI.com is a unique resource to detect the solutions that better fit with the organization necessities and dimensions, in terms of:

- Enterprise Resources Planning
- Customer Relationship Management
- Warehouse Management System
- Document Management System
- Managed Print Services
- Hybrid Cloud

The I.T. strategy definition is a highly specialized activity that can undergo to a focused outsourcing contract: the evaluation of I.T. state of art, the schedulation of project milestones and the supervision of timing represent totalizing activities. They must impact as less as possible on the operativity of internal offices, satisfying meanwhile the constant needs for functionality of the organization and the prompt respect of external requirements.

Want to renew the technological aspects of your company, but resources and skills are missing? 

You are about to deploy new solutions, but do you fear that your counterparts may be influenced by commercial interests?

CONTACT helP-MI.com to discover an up-to-date and independent solution!

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