M&A advisory

helP-MI.com flanks the entrepreneurs who are facing the auditing firms during the Due Diligences.

Having oriented its business approach to the interests of the selling shareholders, it can escort them across the document exhibition process, optimizing economical and fiscal benefits, reclassifying the examined balance sheets and resuming with accuracy the due diligence reports. The analysis of the off-balance-sheet items, the KPI-evaluation, the planning of carve-out and post-deal operations represent essential elements for a sheltered transfer.

An objective point of view promote the hidden value detection, which maximizes the sale of the shares. The prevention of “deal breakers” increase the probabilities of transaction success.

helP-MI.com will provide the deployment and supervisioning of a Virtual Data Room by using professional, secure and independent solutions in order to safely share data. Preconditions to prevent future disputes are: access tracking and profiling, undesired changes prevention, cryptography. In case the acquiring counterpart will detect any criticality after the closing, both financial and organizational, such elements will play a key role if properly implemented before. 

In preparation for acquisitions or expansions by external business assets, especially in traditional sectors, helP-MI.com is a useful partner for a proper technological due diligence. It also provides familiarity-matrix strategic analysis: this approach is ideal to correctly target the company’s market.

Are you about to sell your company but not sure on its actual value?
Do you wish to avoid unrealistic evaluations?

Do you have ambitious projects, but need more confidence about the immediate future?
Do you have enough resources for a due diligence, but have also doubts on data interpretation?

Do you want to increase your analytical potential on the target company’s technical, commercial and organizational set-up?

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